Fix ball valve is a sort of new ball valves with superior execution. It has two unique designs, to be specific two-piece and three-piece. It is entirely appropriate for significant distance transport pipelines and normal modern pipelines. Plus, to be reasonable for a wide range of medium, including destructive and non-destructive one, its solidarity, wellbeing and protection from terrible climate are thought about cautiously during plan. As of now, the fix ball valve is generally used to cut off or course the medium ready to go in a wide range of businesses, for example, food, medication, petrol, substance, flammable gas, steel, ecological security, paper-production, etc.

Concerning the functioning standard, the fix ball valve is unique in relation to that of drifting ball valve. At the point when it works, the entire power created by the liquid strain ready will totally pass to the bearing, which causes the ball not to push toward the clatter seat. Consequently, the rattle seat won’t bear an excess of strain. On premise of the component, the force of fix ball valve is little and its rattle seat isn’t not difficult to be distorted.

The highlights of the fix ball valve can be portrayed as follow: what starts things out is that it is extremely simple to work. The ball is upheld by upper and lower direction. Through this plan, it can decrease the rubbing and wipe out the over incredible force second brought about by the extraordinary fixing load between the ball and fixing van bi điều khiển khí nén seat. Furthermore, the break proofness is entirely solid. PTFE ring is implanted in the hardened steel click seat. In the mean time, the spring toward the finish of the metal rattle seat ensures the seal pressing to have the enough pretightening force. While the fixing face is worn during use, the valve actually can have a capability for spill proofness under the impact of the spring. Thirdly, the fix ball valve has the flame resistant design. To forestall shock warming or fire and keep away from the serious spillage, there is flame resistant fixing ring among ball and clatter seat. Fourthly, it likewise has the capability of programmed pressure discharge. At the point when the medium strain in the lumen of the valve is particularly higher than the pretightening power of the spring, the clatter seat will isolate the ball and naturally discharge the tension. At the point when the tension delivery is done, the clatter seat will reset naturally. To wrap things up, there is a pipeline for waste. The valve has two openings at top and base, through which individuals can analyze whether there is spillage. At the point when the valve is in finished open or close state during work, the stuffing can be changed straightforwardly and simultaneously the retentate in the lumen can be delivered. It is an effective method for decreasing the contamination brought about by the medium.

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